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HoF Downtown Marl in August


Hafendampf 2019 – After the jump

To write a recapitulation of the last Hafendampf weekend is difficult. The two days were filled with a lot of very emotional moments and it never has been that difficult to write a summary. A lot of writers are in the inventories of the jam. DEMON and THE TOP NOTCH were there all the time; […]

Im Ahrfeld has got a facelifting

Even if the wall Im Ahrfeld is not a wall listed to be legal, it frequently gets a new face by the local writers and I have learned over the years, to visit it from time to time, in order to find the changes. My last visit in February brought a number of brandnew pieces, […]

New pieces Im Ahrfeld

Our area gets snow very rarely, and if it does, then total traffic chaos breaks out immediately. Facing the first snowflake, motorists immediately forget how to drive their vehicles and in a moment, the whole country becomes a parking lot. Then its better to stay at home and wait for a thaw.

One Thing is for sure – The Change

For street art lovers and graffiti maniacs, Dortmunds city port and especially Drehbrückenstraße 5-11 is an address with great renown. Since 1998, when the creative company and art agency „MORE THAN WORDS“ was established there, MTW takes care for the neighbourhood and the change. The four heads, AKRIL, APHE, BOOTY and CHOKO and a lot […]

Hafendampf 2018 – A40 Edition – After the jump

For me it’s almost a tradition to look back on Hafendampf and show the finished walls; so the focus of this post is a recapitulation and postscript of this year’s Hafendampf. First of all: at this point I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of those who had to endure my questions […]

One thing is for sure – the change

The toughest time of the year is the last two months. As nobody is on vacation, traffic is horrible and aggressive because everybody has to work through a to-do-list in no time. X-mas comes as a surprise every year.

One thing is for sure – the change

1st Pillar left – Back I have not taken a picture of the back side of this pillar in 2013, as it was inaccessible for me. After all those years with graffiti, it’s still hard to decipher the scripts. If I guess right, that piece was made by ALME, but I’m not sure and can […]


Anne Siebel, owner of the elegant townhouse Herner Straße 67, built in 1910, often was frustrated due to graffiti smearings at the backside of her house. The building, originating from the Wilhelminian era, was in a top condition, apart from the backside. That is why she unceremoniously provided Bochum’s sprayer community another legal wall. Only […]