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Notes from a Berlin friend

DXTR THE WEIRD & ROOKIE THE WEIRD Graffiti Corner at Wühlischstraße / Böcklinstraße

Notes from a Berlin friend

Things seem to come thick and fast in Berlin. My friend seems to be always on the move. He drives me to the borders of madness and sends me mails with his spectacular findings once an hour. HERR VON BIAS, DXTR, ROOKIE (THEWEIRD) at Wiesenweg; Berlin Lichtenberg  

Notes from a Berlin friend

In a mayor painting project, realised in the area of „Alt Glienicke“ in several workshops, a huge fassade, several columns and seating areas in a housing complex in Berlin Köpenick have been painted. The final realisation was done with workshop groups, Caro Pepe, AKTEone and AGE AGE.

Notes from a Berlin friend

When I get mails from my Berlin friend, seasoned with his newest findings, I mostly have a problem to decide, what to publish first. His tresurebox is brimming with the finest sweets and it is pretty unfair to make a selection. This time the choice was nearly impossible. DXTR and ROOKIE (THE WEIRD) have painted […]

Wright Festival Bochum – progress of work at this year’s murals

At Springerplatz 40, mural 1 by SINERO was finished. The neighbours, Olli Rose & Jan Schoch aka TEAM FORCE & FIRE, are in full swing. Their work might be finished til the next weekend. Due to illness of one of the artists based in East Germany, the published schedule of Wright Festival had got mixed up […]

Wright Festival Bochum – Stefanie Levers at Viktoriastraße 2

Due to their published schedule Wright Festival should have opened an exhibition yesterday.


S1 Bochum main station – ABSURD and others Seen yesterday in the late evening

Luck Five – ANXT

There are not many German terms, to find the way into the international linguistic usage. The term „German Anxt“ was able to prevail. It refers to the phenomenon of gratuitous fear or anxiety and is felt as typically German especially by observers from the Anglo-Saxon area. What has this got to do with the writer […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

Paste-Up; DECYCLE (12/2016) Paste-Up; A1ONE (02/2018) Paste-Up; A1ONE & Unknown Artist (09/2018) Viehofer Straße

Calamity Frog

The story about this Frog is a never ending story which came to a lucky end today – finally.