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Villa RÜ in August

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One Thing is for sure – The Change

06/2014 & 07/2014 10/2014 & 11/2016 01/2018 More pictures of HoF Zollstraße -> click Location

One Thing is for sure – The Change

06/2014 & 10/2014 02/2015 & 09/2015 03/2016 & 11/2016 01/2018 More pictures of HoF Zollstraße -> click Location

Murals in Essen (6th)

I looked again and found some more, to make it 60! Private House; Gottfried-Wilhelm-Straße 11 BRES „No Parking“; Private House; Kleine Kronenstraße FREIWILLIG; Wände Südost; Von-der-Tamm-Straße FARBWANDEL; Wittenkindstraße / Walpurgisstraße FARBWANDEL; Wichernhaus; Planckstraße 113 FARBWANDEL; Kurt Rode GmbH; Hilgerstraße 27 FARBWANDEL; Tube Station Bismarckplatz Unknown Artist; Skagerrakstraße 6 CAPTAIN BORDERLINE; Richard Wagner Straße 96 Igor […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

I don’t know if this piece of EL BOCHO has been painted or glued to that wall. All I know is, that this piece is ancient history now. It was located in Friedrichshain, at the premises of a former car service station, which housed the techno club „Morlox“ until 2014, when it has fallen victim […]

A dog named Phatty

My last visit in Berlin brought me to DARED, an artist, I never had come across before. His main character is a dog. I’m pretty sure that it is a bulldog; its name seems to be Phatty and it is an animal with balanced character. A visit of his Instagram account lead to the information […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

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Notes from a Berlin friend

For my part extreme weather conditions lead to extremely bad mood. The current situation is no exception, and I can only advise everyone to leave me alone, my mood is quiet explosive. And as I do not have to show new pictures made by myself, I continue showing pictures of my Berlin friend. This wasp […]

NOMAD CLAN & Christopher Street Day

I  know, this is late, but I would like to draw your attention to an event, I would not miss, when I were near Berlin tomorrow. URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART is actively participating in Christopher Street Day in Berlin with its own truck designed by THE NOMAD CLAN [1]. In cooperation with […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

Temperatures are still rising in Germany. For today they have promised 38°C in Essen. No clouds in sight at all. Therefore Plan B and same procedure as yesterday: a bucket of cold water and the pictures taken by my Berlin friend. This racoon is a commissioned work for Mensch Meier, a club in Berlin Lichtenberg. […]