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The gong sounds to the next round for 40° Urban Art Festival

When I posted about the birthday party for Kiefernstraße two days ago, it had escaped my attention that this celebration is also simultaneously the next 40° Urban Art Festival in Düsseldorf. If I have counted correctly, this is the 5th festival in a row since 2013, when it started with the first edition. Since then […]

5 days of Berlin – 4th day

This was already Sunday and as in Germany most museums are closed on Mondays, it was long overdue for my date with Tristan. The plan was to meet my Berlin friend in the early afternoon, to walk along Dircksenstraße and visit Haus Schwarzenberg, to have a look at a number of new murals there. To […]

5 days of Berlin – Appetizer

At least out of the bed, but still footsore and weary. I’m totally flashed and not least my Berlin friend is to blame for, who has dragged me up and through Berlin – merciless. You must have guess it, I have been in Berlin again and as usual, I have shot plenty of pictures. And […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

My Berlin friend is always busy and tries to avoid falling further behind, which is a hard job in Berlin, were the change is a daily companion. Dircksenstraße frequently is on his schedule. Some of the pieces shown today are shown here for the second time, as they were changed again by the artists.

Notes from a Berlin friend

Do you know SÜPEROPA? This piece is following the book cover of the latest novel of German/Turkish author and actor Adnan Maral. Stow away your Ayran –  STICKERMAIDBERLIN is in town, and she does not stop at anything! I don’t know, who is the creator of the piece below, which shows Wladimir Putin posing with […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

As I’m completely taken out of action by a terrible flu and my main activity at present is coughing the walls, I don’t have that much to tell about news from the Ruhr area, even if I’m sure that there are a lot of news, worth telling them. My Berlin friend does his best to […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

Healthy and Fit for Moabit … STICKERMAIDBERLIN seems to be disgusted and less amused.  

Notes from a Berlin friend


One Thing is for sure – The Change

These pieces are in perfect harmony and it took a time to recognize why. But after some time the penny dropped. What was first? Hen or egg? In this case I think PLANETSELFIE was the first to paste his character, which was beheaded by someone. What was next? The watchdog at its feet, of which […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

One of the specialities of the House of STICKERMAIDBERLIN is adbusting and pimping up billboards. It seems that The Gregorians, well known choir for Gregorian chants, has got a new frontman who is keeping his teeth sharp.