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Villa RÜ in March

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Creme de la creme à la NRW-graffiti meets „Im Ahrfeld“

Now I’ve got it. Its a bad idea to avoid the area around „Im Ahrfeld“ too long!

House of (Credit-)Cards – (Kredit-)Kartenhaus

Some months ago I stumbled across a website which deals with art in public space in the Ruhr Area and shows the positions on a map.

Villa RÜ in February

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Villa RÜ in February

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Within these hallowed halls…

…Thomas Baumgärtel aka BANANENSPRAYER has made it to Folkwang Museum The weather was awful this morning and so I decided to take a walk inside Folkwang Museum. Since they have decided that admission to the permanent collection is free, this museum is my first choice. They always are good for a surprise, but today I […]

Villa RÜ in January – Hiroshima never forget


Villa RÜ in January

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Villa RÜ in December

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I again stumbled accross a paste-up of that unknown artist I don’t know anything about. I call him/her „Matrjoschka“, because the characters remind me of the well known Russian nesting dolls. If anyone knows more, please give me a hint. Location