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One Thing is for sure – The Change

OPOSSUMGÄNG 04/2018 OPOSSUMGÄNG 02/2019 More pictures of HoF Zollstraße in February -> click Location  

Am Freistein – TEAM FORCE&FIRE braves the weather

Am Freistein muralists Jan Schoch & Olli Rose aka TEAM FORCE&FIRE have to deal with adverse circumstances; this was certainly planned different, but then winter took over and had an important role to play. At first unfortunately the rain started, followed by snow and ice. Colours froze and had to be thawed as well as […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

Do you have a tradition for New Year’s Day? Already as a child I hated the family tradition to go for a walk in all weathers on the first day of the year. I continued this tradition with a variation and pay our halls of fame a visit. Consistency: in all weathers. 15/12/2018 01/01/2019 MR.PILZ […]

This is the end …

… close your eyes and count to 10. What was right for the change from 2017 to 2018 cannot be false for this year. And so you get a picture of the turn of the last year in the absence of an updated shot. MR.PILZ 2017/2018 More pictures -> click Location

Am Freistein – TEAM FORCE&FIRE work in progress

Willing to defy the elements, Jan Schoch and Olli Rose aka TEAM FORCE&FIRE take the work forward to finish the mural at Beisinggstrße 47. It surely depends on the weather, if this new mural will be a Christmas present or a New Year’s greeting for 2019. Am Freistein – Beisinggstrße 47 Olli Rose x Jan […]

HoF Essen Borbeck in December

This Hall of Fame is situated in Borbeck, at the pedestrian/cycle path at the backside of Schloss Quelle Mellis GmbH, Flurstr. 104. It is one of our halls you have to ask for permission before painting. This may be the reason why this wall isn’t very busy. So much bigger was my surprise, when I […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

BASH (CVA) Borbeck railway station 03/2016 BASH (CVA) Borbeck railway station 12/2018

New Eyecatcher – Am Freistein

It seems that the owner of the house at Beisingstrße 47, next to tram stop „Am Freistein“, is fed up by the GFS tattoo decorating the facade facing Stoppenberger Straße since many years. The decision to replace the unwanted painting by a mural led to the engagement of Jan Schoch and Olli Rose aka TEAM […]

HoF Zollstraße in December

There’s life in the old dog yet – an old saying whose veracity is proven once again by our hall of fame at Essen’s north side. It bravely fights, although in the background demolition works advance. Nevertheless a number of friends remain faithful and leave amazing gifts every now and then. PASS OXID PALAS More […]

One Thing is for sure – The Change

10/2014 02/2015 & 09/2015 01/2018 & 04/2018 07/2018 More pictures of HoF Zollstraße -> click Location