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Auf der Donau in March

PALAS is a grffiti writer based in the Ruhr Area, probably in the area Essen. Obviously he is a big fan of Rap and Hip Hop, as he is specialised on big sized portraits of famous protagonists of that scene. His newest piece shows Azet, member of KMN Gang. More of HoF Auf der Donau […]


Pieces of OVAO and HAER are rare in Essen, but from time to time they pay us a flying visit and again disappear at night and fog. What stays are extraordinary pieces done with an instantly recognizable handwriting. My first thought, seeing the newest piece, showing Chuck Norris, was: Oh my! Did he die too? Remembering […]


S11 normally runs between Düsseldorf Airport and Bergisch Gladbach. To see it in Essen at main station is quite unusual, even under police protection. I assume that it wasn’t the graffiti which should have been protected.

One thing is for sure – the change

Taking these pictures, I again was hit very angry, why taking pictures of those „rubbish“.  I’m fed up with explanations, of what is meant by the art of GIGO! Its enough to know: I like it! Open your eyes, form your own opinion and don’t let me know what you think about! GIGO PROPAGANDA 12/2017 […]

One thing is for sure – the change

  03/2017 & 06/2017 134 & BRES 09/2017 & 10/2017 NN & SUMO x IHS 01/2018 NN & ??? For more pictures of HoF Auf der Donau -> click   Location

Auf der Donau in January

WAS GBS GOODBOYS Crew (PALAS) x TESN RINK – Off für immer; CR Crew More pictures of this walk -> click   Location  

GIGO PROPAGANDA – Lonely together

The northern part of downtown Essen can be described as „possibility room“. This part of the town was suffering for a long time during the decline of coal and industry, as well as the whole Ruhr region. Structural change continued to hold the quarter firmly in its grip. A few years ago this part of […]

Merkel Raute – Triangle of Power – One ring to rule them all…

You do not have to explain the concept Merkel Raute in more details; after all it has got an article in Wikipedia.

Wanted – Chameleon

A heart for birds

There seem to be a new player with a fresh idea in Essen’s street art scene, who has a heart for birds. He/she/they install/s lovingly designed nesting boxes midst the desert, we’re calling city centre. I am certainly looking forward for the first winged residents moving in; always providing that no one will remove them […]