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RE3 seen today in passing Duisburg main station REGS, TKA and others

Hin & Weg – Die Wandergalerie shows „Edition #3“

Yes I know, this might be late, but nevertheless I would like to draw your attention to an event in Duisburg’s unattended old town. Under the umbrella of Anis & Zauber – der vegane Wintermarkt, the 3rd edition of Hin & Weg – Die Wandergalerie will be opened next Friday, 30. November. The playground for […]

German Railway – Charm Offensive aquiring young trainees?

Travelling by rail is exciting and colourful. For me it is never boring and I don’t need a book nor earphones. The track itself is my newspaper. Who is the most important writer or crew of an area? Who is friend or foe of whom? Try to read the track and hope you have got […]

Weltbaustellen NRW – Duisburg

The 17 goals of sustainable development of the United Nations have been enforced in January 2016. Urban art campaign „Weltbaustellen – Die Welt von morgen wächst vor Ort“ deals with those goals. 17 goals – 17 murals in North Rhine Westfalia. 8 different cities have got new designed facades in 2016; 9 murals have been […]

Facade Greenig – Duisburg style

An advertising wall of a special kind which combines the pleasant with the useful.

A beached sperm whale, 1001 bottle messages and the orange light district

My maternal ancestors were from Duisburg and lived in Meiderich for a long time, were my mother and her siblings were born and educated. All my uncles, my grandfather and later my father worked for August Thyssen-Hütte and Phoenix Rheinrohr, and so I spent my first school years at primary school in Duisburg Meiderich and […]

A Magic Mountain and Guerilla Knitters

How are you? Are you afraid of heights and how is the condition of your flexors and extensors in legs and hips? How do you feel rising staircases, and I mean powerful big stairs; there is no elevator to make your climb easier at the device I’ll take you to. End of February; the year […]

Dortmund and another 2015 Flashback

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and have an image of french fries and Currywurst in front of my eyes; I almost can smell and taste it. Then it’s time to take a trip to Dortmund and pay a visit to „Pommes Rot Weiss“ near Borsigplatz. This takeaway is located on historic ground. The […]