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Pretty Portal shows Claudio Ethos solo show „Deadmocracy“

As all major street artists Claudio Ethos aka ETHOS is a go-getting globetrotter. Today LA and then who knows where. In September he has been in Düsseldorf to work for his very first solo show in Germany „Deadmocracy“ shown by gallery Pretty Portal until 20 October. Besides that he has painted a wall for CityLeaks […]

Brause shows 2×3=ART

I would like to draw your attention to the group show „2mal3gleichART“. The participating artists are: KILLER ONI METRAEDA STRASSENMAID RISINGF F ART Please note that the exhibition will be shown at Brause, Bilker Allee 233, Düsseldorf, from 9.6. – 22.6.2017. They are  open at the following dates: 11./15./19.06.17 from 6 pm – 9 pm. […]

Charlie Brown is gone – now there is Pest Control

In March 2015 L.E.T. has painted this garage gates in Zimmerstraße, next to Brause, in collaboration with his artist colleague PDOT. The former cashpoint of a small vintage petrol station has mutated to a social club with a number of concerts, readings, exhibitions and much more. The old fashioned glass front is paved with stickers […]

Between the years

I’m fed up with Xmas and all the hype around sleigh bells and all that madness about the presents. Thank heaven, Christmas dinner is  digested and the end of this year is near. What remains is to wait for the Fireworks and the feast, and for the intervening period (inbetween) don’t make too much plans, […]

Pretty Portal shows „Sweet Ash“ group show with SAM3, LIMOW, LIQUEN, HYURO, Daniel Munoz, JEICE2 AND ARIS

Actually, one does not need a special reason to visit Düsseldorf Bilk as streetart is ubiquitously present there. You don’t have to walk that much. Leaving the station Bilk S and crossing the street may take some time to appreciate all those stickers, tiles, stencils and paste-ups there.

Düsseldorf Spring – L.E.T. & DECYCLE

The pieces of DECYCLE captivate by absolute perfection and his motto seems to be quality before quantity; new pieces are rare. This USB-Medusa I met the first time in Hamburg (Gängeviertel) in March. As it was not signed, I had no idea which artist was responsible. I should have; he finally had an exhibition there […]

Pretty Portal shows „Stencils Only“

Hard to believe, but true: It’s monday and winter is back with snow and as a result kilometer long traffic jams during rush hour anywhere in NRW. It’s wet, cold and muddy everywhere; I deny to resist another trip to Ruhrort. But staying home is not an option! My diary offers an indoor attraction with […]

There is a little going on „Auf der Donau“, but in Düsseldorf there is CAKE

Do you remember, when I passed D-Völklinger Straße S in the last week, there was a wall, visible from the train’s window, tagged with „CAKE“ in a bright pink colour? It clicked in my head and a long sought piece of puzzle slid on the right place. Those candy coloured pieces of cup cakes I […]