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HoF Unterführungsstraße in May

Of course, when visiting Duisburg, you can’t avoid the Graffiti Tunnel in Meiderich. If you want to keep up to date there, you have to pitch a tent there, that’s how quickly the ambience changes. CAME x Anna Littsa aka FOXY CAME x Anna Littsa aka FOXY x DEMOKURA AMIGO x Anna Littsa aka FOXY […]

HoF Unterführungsstraße in April

On 25.3. it was already 10 years ago that RINK, a member of the CR crew, died in an accident. Affectionately called „Chief Forever“ by his friends, a R.I.P. RINK piece has always been painted around the anniversary of his death ever since. I usually have found these mementos, which are always massive and spacey, […]

Happy birthday Martha – From Duisburg with love

Anna Littsa aka FOXY X MR.PILZ Martha Cooper turned 80 today. Who Martha Cooper is, probably doesn’t need to be explained in a blog about graffiti and street art. With her photos and books this woman has had an influence on the global graffiti scene that is impossible to quantify. Her book Subway Art, which […]

HoF Unterführungsstraße in March

Meiderich’s graffiti tunnel has never been so heavily guarded. A gunman with a smoking Winchester only allows entry under acute danger to life. In the tunnel, the animes are let loose beside the usual suspects. SANTO ASUS x Anna Littsa aka FOXY x ILONKA MAGIC x DEMOKURA COMBOLUTION x DREAM more pictures -> click

HoF Unterführungsstraße in January

The new year is now a week old; slowly the food coma has gone and the urge to move can no longer be suppressed. I didn’t expect to find much, but the spring-like weather has woken some of the writers from hibernation early. There are fresh colours in the tunnel! NUNA MGS & TRIS KERN […]

HoF Unterführungsstraße in November

Birthday parties in the circles of graffiti artists are always colourful events and when a birthday also coincides with Halloween, then no wishes remain open for the street art spotter. I hadn’t visited the graffiti tunnel in Duisburg Meiderich since July; I should have known what to expect. But I wasn’t prepared to find the […]

HoF Unterführungsstraße in July

„Why fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things need to get to Duisburg Meiderich quickly“ was the headline in the local newspaper WAZ last Tuesday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it happen until the following Sunday and as I had already suspected it, of course, the artworks were no longer untouched all. Some of the main […]

HoF Unterführungsstraße in June

Admittedly, a little breathless and because of the tropical temperatures quite thirsty I reached the graffiti tunnel in Meiderich and for the first time I was very happy about this dim and above all cool place. Under the strict gaze of Darth vader I took the catwalk acompanied by SIRIUS’s grey tabby cat and Anna […]

HoF Unterführungsstraße in May

Everyone is talking about the rising prices at the moment. Of course, the materials for graffiti writers are not exempt from price increases either. One can really wonder that despite the skyrocketing prices, artists are still willing to invest a lot of money in a hobby that is not accepted by many people. In many […]

HoF Unterführungsstraße in May

HoF Unterführungsstraße has got a number of new portraits since my last visit in April. Next to Anna Littsa’s Frida Kahlo, her daughter DEMOKURA has eternalized a portrait of her favourite musician Dorian Elrctra, and no – the work hasn’t been crossed This moustache is quite deliberate; the popular American singer, songwriter, and performance artist […]