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HoF Grüner Pfad un April

After the decline of heavy industry the network of railway tracks, formerly used for the delivery of raw materials to the blast furnace plants, was developed into a pedestrian and bycicle path network. The „Green Path“ is in the top 10 of my favorite halls. It delivers an irresistible mixture of nature, art and industrial […]

HoF Grüner Pfad in March

My last visit at HoF Grüner Pfad in Duisburg was in July last year; in the universe of graffiti that’s eons, but the truth is that I had decided to avoid longer trips due to the Omicron mutation of that terrible virus (#FUCKCORONA). Now spring is here and I had expected everything to be better […]

Duisburg – HoF Green Path in July

No matter what you’ll find at HoF Green Path in Duisburg Meiderich, this hall of fame on former industrial grounds creates a dense atmosphere through the combination of graffiti art on old, dilapidated and wild overgrown walls. My latest visit brought a number of pieces of Duisburg’s finest. And as usual, I had my problems […]