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One Thing is for sure – the Change

Hirsch Apotheke Hamm, Bahnhofstraße 25 (backyard) 08/2016 03/2018

New Murals in Creative Quarter Hamm Mitte

As Hamm is a bit away, it is not my usual hunting ground and so my last visit there was a while ago.

UFAM Hamm – Art polarizes – it is supposed to!

    One of the stories behind which were told in a sub-clause during the TRANSURBAN bus tour to urban art locations in Essen has shocked me. Today I have slept on it and shock has transformed to anger over night. My absolutely favorite mural of UFAM Ruhr 2016 will presumably be destroyed in the […]

UFAM Ruhr – Hamm

When UFAM Ruhr started in August, 3 months ago, the first mural was designed in Hamm at the new hip MuseumsQuarter near main station by artist collective SilbernesReh.  I took some pictures, but the full effect of the facade of an old substation (Friedrichstraße / Heinrich-Reinköster Straße), designed with a turtle swimming deep blue waters, […]

UFAM Ruhr overshoot

This weekend is a challenge as summer rehearses rebellion. There were two fixed dates at Friday when the first wall of UFAM Ruhr was painted in Hamm by artist collective SilbernesReh at a wall of an old substation (Friedrichstraße / Heinrich-Reinköster Straße).

UFAM Ruhr – 1. August – 31. October 2016 – Where Urban Art meets Fine Art

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming Urban Fine Art Meeting (UFAM Ruhr), which is an interdisciplinary art convention, debuting in five cities across the Ruhr Area. It focuses on bringing urban artists and studio artists in interaction in public space. The creative quarters throughout Ruhr Area cities (Hamm, Dortmund, Herten, Hagen […]