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4 Days of Frankfurt – 4th day

This was my day of departure. As usually, I took a train in the late afternoon, to reach home in the evening. Typically I plan a light touristic „lady’s program“ for the morning, which means a mixture of window shopping, sight seeing and coffee party, if there would not have been the exhibition „Power to […]

4 Days of Frankfurt – 3rd day

Schedule for my 3rd day in Frankfurt envisaged a visit at Naxos Halle. This spot in Frankfurt’s east end, is interesting for a lot of resaons at least. The production halls, built 1906/07, had until the 1960ies been owned by Naxos-Union, a producer of abrasives. The main hall today is a listed building and is […]

4 Days of Frankfurt – 2nd day

Do you want to know what it’s all about in Frankfurt? Take a look at the title photo, which says everything – almost everything. Frankfurt takes pride on being both, the largest city in the federal state of Hessen and also the largest financial centre in Europe. But there is a parallel world beyond the […]

4 Days of Frankfurt – 1st day

Frankfurt was completely new for me and if there would not have been that Basquiat exhibition at the Schirn, then it would have remained a blank spot on my map of Germany. My desire of an encounter with a city full of brokers and bankers is limited – extremely limited. And my worst fears were […]