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5 days of Berlin – 4th day

This was already Sunday and as in Germany most museums are closed on Mondays, it was long overdue for my date with Tristan. The plan was to meet my Berlin friend in the early afternoon, to walk along Dircksenstraße and visit Haus Schwarzenberg, to have a look at a number of new murals there. To […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

One of the steady routines of my Berlin friend is to observe the changes at Dircksenstraße, which has developed to a race between the rabbit and the hedgehog recently. A cheeky thief – or thiefs? – has/have stolen again the head of the collaboration piece of PLANETSELFIE x STICKERMAIDBERLIN x SOSCHÖN. My friend is pretty […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

Haus Schwarzenberg has got a new brilliant portrait of Otto Weidt painted by LAKE ONER. In the direct vicinity of Anne Frank Museum and her portrait painted and restored recently by JIMMY C. Otto Weidt was the owner of a workshop for deaf and blind and did his best to preserve his Jewish staff from […]

Notes from a Berlin friend

Although the heatwave isn’t over yet in Berlin, my friend is indestructable and still highly active to find new street art highlights. This time he strolled around the subway arches in Berlin-Mitte and found a number of nice paste-ups, which I do not want to withhold from you.  

A Retrospective to the Year 2015 (Part 3/3)

This day should have been the total climax of german street carnival. But storm „Ruzica“ spoils the fun, because most of the Rose Monday parades were cancelled for safety purposes. All those jesters have to celebrate this year in a bar. We, as carnival-teatotallers, are approaching the 3rd part of 2015, when the year picked […]