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Sei Leise's New Year Reception

Try something new! Instead of a vernissage in the late evening hours, a Sunday matinée at noon. I would like to draw your attention to the first solo show at 30works Gallery, Pfeilstraße 47, Cologne, of Tim Ossege aka SEI LEISE. The show runs from 12.01.2020 – 23.01.2020 and will be opened at Sunday, January […]

Transurban Cologne – INNERFIELDS have finished their mural at Neusser Strasse 242

Cologne is a challenge in these days of TRANSURBAN. There is a huge amount on offer for every taste; music, performances, exhibitions and so much more – I don’t know where to run first! But one thing is already clear: you cannot have everything and have to make decisions; so brave the gap!

Cucumber Time is over for 30works Gallery

After summer break 30works Gallery (Cologne) continues the season with a selection of artworks from their stock. You’ll find works of Jörg Doring, Thomas Baumgärtel aka BANANENSPRAYER, Salva Ginard, Peintre X and, and, and…

Gallery 30works shows „Heavy Metal“ – Solo Show Thomas Baumgärtel aka DER BANANENSPRAYER

Heavy Metal normally is not my taste. Too hard, too shrill and much too loud! Using metal as canvas in an artistic process is strange. Those surfaces are distant and cold but to use metal in street art is already a tradition since the beginning of this artistic movement in the 1980ies. In absence of […]

A Retrospective to the Year 2015 (Part 3/3)

This day should have been the total climax of german street carnival. But storm „Ruzica“ spoils the fun, because most of the Rose Monday parades were cancelled for safety purposes. All those jesters have to celebrate this year in a bar. We, as carnival-teatotallers, are approaching the 3rd part of 2015, when the year picked […]