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UFAM Hamm – Art polarizes – it is supposed to!

    One of the stories behind which were told in a sub-clause during the TRANSURBAN bus tour to urban art locations in Essen has shocked me. Today I have slept on it and shock has transformed to anger over night. My absolutely favorite mural of UFAM Ruhr 2016 will presumably be destroyed in the […]

One thing is for sure – the change

Just in time for the TRANSURBAN events in Essen, backyard of Atelierhaus Schützenbahn has got a facelifting. The mural for UFAM Ruhr 2016 at this wall is history now and was replaced by a more graphic one. As I was unable to find a signature, I cannot say anything about the artist.

UFAM Ruhr – Hamm

When UFAM Ruhr started in August, 3 months ago, the first mural was designed in Hamm at the new hip MuseumsQuarter near main station by artist collective SilbernesReh.  I took some pictures, but the full effect of the facade of an old substation (Friedrichstraße / Heinrich-Reinköster Straße), designed with a turtle swimming deep blue waters, […]

UFAM Ruhr – Dortmund

The full effect of the facade Lange Straße 13, designed by Julia Benz in collaboration with Christian Hinz aka KERA, is now showed to the passer-by. The scaffolding was disassembled at last.

UFAM Ruhr – Herten

Once one of Europes biggest coal mining towns, Herten and its 60.000 inhabitants suffered from the decline in mining activity in the area as well as the whole Ruhr region. Structural change continued to hold the majority of regions firmly in its grip. A few years ago Herten was charcterized by vacancy, migration and sad […]

UFAM Ruhr – Dortmund

Monday was a present. At last a golden October day, just in time for all those Halloween freaks. I didn’t want to take an active part in trick-or-treating; my interests were more the finished gables of UFAM Ruhr in Dortmund Unionviertel.


Danijel Brekalo aka GIGO PROPAGANDA was born 1979 in Mostar. In 1991, when the communist system in Bosnien/Herzegowina broke down, he emigrated to Essen. He is a real writer, he deals with the changes of society and alienation of man from his environment. He thematizes structural change in the area he comes from and in […]

UFAM Ruhr – Hagen

Hagen has got a number of new pieces of art in the last weeks. UFAM Ruhr had played a big part of it. I had reported about the collaboration of Robert Matzke aka ROOKIE THE WEIRD & David Radon in Hagen Wehringhausen, Christian-Rohlfs-Strasse 17. Four new facades and walls have been designed by intercommunal major project […]

UFAM Ruhr – Essen

UFAM Ruhr went on while I was in London. A lot of work has been done and a number of new artworks enrich the northern part of the inner city of Essen, just as at other UFAM playgrounds as Dortmund, Hamm, Hagen and last but not least Herten.

Dortmund – Unionviertel à la surprise

I had planned a short walk in Dortmund yesterday to visit Sudermannstraße 4 and the location of one more UFAM Ruhr team, Ursula Meyer and E.V.U. As it is announced at UFAM Ruhr homepage, the gable will be painted within two weeks from 13.09.2016 on. The outlines had already been painted and work rested.