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5 days of Amsterdam – Part V

This was my last day in Amsterdam and the first nice day with the sun shining warm and bright. That seemed to be the purest mockery!

5 days of Amsterdam – Part IV

It was May 5 and I had to learn, that it was better to avoid the city center at that date. Amsterdam joins the rest of the Netherlands on 4 May when its citizens pause to pay their respects to the victims and fallen soldiers of World War II. Then, on 5 May it’s time […]

5 days of Amsterdam – Part III

I’ve always been fascinated by Amsterdam. Besides the typical touristic stereotypes like tulips, cheese and coffee-shops, for me it is more it’s history, that dates back to the 13th century. Catching fish, initially the most important source of income, soon gave way to trade.

5 days of Amsterdam – Part II

May I had imagined quite differently! Isn’t this month called the merry month of May? And why is it only so dark? And so damn cold? My plans for the second day were made anyway, but I must confess, motivation was a problem that morning. Even I had heard about the old NDSM shipyard, and […]

5 days of Amsterdam – Part I

Amsterdam and street art – what is the best method to approach that topic? Asking www who knows it all, there are a lot of images and recommandations about hot spots, galleries, museums, legal walls and murals of famous names of the international street art scene.