Happy birthday Martha – From Duisburg with love

Anna Littsa aka FOXY X MR.PILZ

Martha Cooper turned 80 today. Who Martha Cooper is, probably doesn’t need to be explained in a blog about graffiti and street art. With her photos and books this woman has had an influence on the global graffiti scene that is impossible to quantify. Her book Subway Art, which she published in 1984 together with the photographer Henry Chalfant, became a milestone and set the ball rolling. Some time ago via social media a call was published to paint a Martha piece to this date on walls, trains etc. around the world to appreciate her immense impact on the scene. The pieces shown here were made at Hall of Fame Unterführungsstraße in Duisburg Meiderich by a group of artists based Duisburg, Essen and Goch.

MAGNUM x Anna Littsa aka FOXY x CHICK9

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