Insane Urban Cowboys und Cowgirls initate Street Art Offensive Gelsenkirchen – Strike 5

Streetart Offensive Gelsenkirchen had planned the costs for 5 brand new murals for 2022 and initiated an open call for artists, which was concluded in August. From around 125 applications received from all over Germany and Europe, a jury selected artists who were allowed to realise their designs on prominent walls in Gelsenkirchen. Then Mr. Böhm, the owner of a wall in the middle of Gelsenkirchen’s city centre, came into play. He took over the entire cost of designing his wall and ensured that Streetart Offensive Gelsenkirchen has money for a further, sixth mural, which is to be implemented next year

The wall at Bahnhofstraße 68 is located in the bustling pedestrian zone in the immediate vicinity of Gelsenkirchen’s main station. A huge whale hovers above the heads of the shopping passers-by. Denis Klatt, the local specialist for sceneries of this kind, is based in Dortmund. His whales are widespread in the Pott, as the Ruhr region is also affectionately known. Now Gelsenkirchen also has one. It literally jumps out of its element through a hoop; it can no longer stay there. Will it survive?

Bahnhofstraße 68 – Street Art Offensive Gelsenkirchen (2022) – Denis Klatt

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