Insane Urban Cowboys und Cowgirls initate Street Art Offensive Gelsenkirchen – Strike 4

I don’t know what it looks like for you, but for me it’s clear that I’m not leaving the house today! That’s why the pictures shown here are canned food, saved for a rainy day. Canned food, but not junk food!
The 4th mural of Street Art Offensive Gelsenkirchen was made by Berlin based LOOK THE WEIRD. Founded 2011, THE WEIRD Crew is a group of 10 members origin from a graffiti background and focus on high quality character design in unique recognizable styles. The members of the crew, including illustrious figures like ROOKIE, DXTR, NYCHOS and and and, are spreaded all over Germany and Austria.

„Copeland“ is the name Berlin based artist Lars Wunderlich aka LOOK has given to his latest mural at Husemannstraße 16. This much is clear: this mural does not make it easy for the viewer! Several levels and settings are combined here. In the front line, the authorities, who enjoy themselves with Molotov cocktails and playing with fire, not unobserved though; the smartphone sees everything. The young woman, however, enjoys life and sees only the ideal world behind her dark glasses.

„COPELAND“ Lars Wunderlich aka LOOK THE WEIRD

more pictures-> click

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