Insane Urban Cowboys und Cowgirls initate Street Art Offensive Gelsenkirchen – Strike 3

Kurt Schumacher Straße connects the Gelsenkirchen districts of Schalke and Buer. It is incredibly long; the longest street in the city of Gelsenkirchen. And, in my opinion, incredibly desolate. It is characterised by ancient industrial plants, newer commercial areas, endless rows of houses and never-ending traffic noise. If you look around for colour, you have to get used to blue and white. Which is not surprising; since 1928, FC Schalke 04’s Glückauf-Kampfbahn has been located on Kurt-Schumacher-Straße, and its colours, blue and white, naturally dominate here.

Recently, however, this familiar colour scheme at Kurt Schumacher Straße 111 has been broken by a colourful explosion, and the bleak grey urban jungle has been loosened up by a new mural. The Insane Urban Cowboys and Cowgirls bring change with the help of local graffiti artist @spritzbüchse. With a jungle motif that not only brings colour, but also draws attention to an important issue that is acute in Schalke and elsewhere, namely bringing more greenery into the cities.

In keeping with this, one of the walls of the building will soon be fitted with vertical planters – an important step among many others needed to achieve a better climate and less particulate pollution on the densely built-up area.

Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 111 – Street Art Offensive Gelsenkirchen (2022) – MÜTZE

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