Das Ruhr Ding – Another Weekend

In 2019, the artist Stefan Marx participated in the „Ruhr Ding“ with three monochrome murals in Dortmund, Bochum and Essen. The three murals form a triptych that symbolises the past, present and future of the Ruhr region. The façade of the IKK at Burgwall 20 was already artistically designed with a mural before. I took a photo of it too, but I have no further information about it.

Where previously a huge pendulum reminded us of the passing of time, there is now a reference to a song by the American singer-songwriter Ariel Pink. Another Weekend – that’s what it sounds like in big letters from the IKK façade on Burgwall. „Another weekend out of my life, And I can shake off my worries, Another weekend I can’t rewind, Another day not working for me.“ In most people’s lives, the weekend means freedom, and free time free from work and the associated workday duties. Weekend again – how time flies! You can still see the painted-over pendulum swinging!

Stefan Marx (2019)

Burgwall 20 – artist unknown (07/2014) & Stefan Marx (2019)


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