Das Ruhr Ding – A good-shaped diamond is hard to find

In 2018, the last collieries in the Ruhr region were closed. An era of working conditions hardly imaginable in Europe today thus came to an end. In 2019, the artist Stefan Marx participated in the „Ruhr Ding“ with three monochrome murals in Bochum, Dortmund and Essen. The three murals form a triptych that symbolises the past, present and future of the Ruhr region.

The typographic black and white work at Lindenallee 86 refers to the Miner’s Song of Woody Guthrie and links the history of the Ruhr with the fate of miners in the USA. The image of urban landscapes covered in coal dust still shapes many people’s image of the Ruhr today. The wall painting with its white lettering on a black background is reminiscent of the soot-soiled windows and house fronts of yesterday: the immortalised lines – as if written with fingers in the soot. Everyday life of the little man and his search for a better future goes on and on. A good shaped diamond is hard to find!


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