Bilk S – Opinion not Judgement

Actually, the last article concerning the change at Bilk station was supposed to go online yesterday. A report on my walk in Dortmund harbour and the Backboard Jam last weekend was planned for today. But I’ve received so many messages on Instagram about the changes at Bilk station that I want to add this post.
Anyone who knows me personally, or even just my blog, knows I’m always struggling with The Change. Maybe it takes a while, but most of the time I somehow reconcile myself with it – and if I don’t succeed, then The Change soon strikes again in the same place and makes me happy; but I feel quite sick about the new situation at Bilk S; so this is what I feel actually:
Yes of course, this spot was fearful, especially for those who like everything to be neat and tidy and who prefer to run past quickly instead of taking a closer look at the homeless people who set up their sleeping quarters in the subway at Friedrichstraße for the night and kneel at the passage to the supermarket during the day to ask for a few cents. This sight is much easier to bear in a nice environment. And of course, the artists involved in the redesign delivered premium quality and (hopefully) got their due. But – and thats a big BUT: a once vibrant and colourful hot spot for street art was killed and is dead now, which was probably the purpose. After the brutal demolition of the Brause, this is another place lost to the independent cultural scene as a presentation space. It seems that this part of the scene is redundant; you can’t market it, let alone domesticate it.

What a shame! – R.I.P. Bilk S.

Enough lyrics! Let me reminisce. The pictures shown were made from 2014 – 2020


ANXT & SEI LEISE & TOON & PDOT & BLINDON and many others

artist unknown & POZT & SADAM


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