Bilk S – One Thing is for sure – The Change

Now the long wall opposite the entrance to the station remains to be discussed only. For some time it has been firmly in the hands of the graffiti writers, not always to the advantage of a universally pleasing appearance. The times when paste-ups and stickers shared the space here, are unfortunately over. At least I can show some examples of what it once looked like here.

MIGEL DIEGO MCS DAD KGZ and others (08/2017)

Sergei Kravinoff SADAM BLINDON (01/2015)

PDOT DUMP et al. (06/2017) & artist unknown (01/2015) & STRASSENMAID (03/2018)

L.E.T. Les Enfants Terribles SKIO Marc C. Woehr Roman Klonek Theo Lopez Alexis Stephens aka BUST (08/2022)

L.E.T. & SKIO & Roman Klonek & Theo Lopez & Alexis Stephens aka BUST & L.E.T.

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