Bilk S – One Thing is for sure – The Change

When I started a new hobby in 2013, Düsseldorf Bilk and especially the immediate area around Bilk station very quickly appeared on my radar. Always on the lookout for information about my new hobby, I decided to check out an exhibition that dealt with stencils only. When I got off the train at Bilk S and looked around, I found myself in streetart-hunters-paradise. The walls and columns were plastered with graffiti, paste-ups, stickers, tiles and installations and I reached the gallery, showing that extraordinary exhibition, a bit later than expected. Admittedly, this area was not too popular with passers-by, but I loved this somewhat grubby, untidy biotope, where really great pieces could very often be found. I am curious to see how this area will develop, now that the station has been rebuilt and its grubby image has been polished away. Let me show you around step by step.

station hall

SADAM and others (06/2017) & MAGIC x THE TOP NOTCH (03/2022)

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