Hit but not fallen

This time I was a bit afraid to visit Düsseldorf Bilk. It was unclear what I would find there after the brand new mural „FOR THE BRAVE AND DISPLACED“ by Düsseldorf based artist L.E.T. at Bilk S had been almost destroyed with a paint bomb. A targeted attack; who goes for a walk and has a bucket of mustard-yellow wall paint at hand?

A tribute to people displaced by war destroyed, apparently by people who do not want to endure the longing for a life in peace and with an opinion differing. One can imagine where this can lead very quickly, if one looks at German history of the 20th century. This simply could not and should not be allowed to stand! And so L.E.T. came back and made the best of it. I was very happy and relieved.


L.E.T. Les Enfants Terribles

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