1st Mural of „Brückengeschichten“ was finished in Dortmund Hörde

Pottporus takes over the project management of the second phase of Bridge Stories, a project developed by Hörde International e.V. and the Dortmund artist Silvia Liebig. As part of the first project phase in 2021, Silvia Liebig created the sound collage „Hörde, here Hörde“ from interviews with more than 100 people from Hörde, which now serve as inspiration for the street artists murals. Pottporus has invited a pack of global players to realize the projrct: Mason (Dortmund), Will Gates/Roid (UK), Carolina Falkholt (Sweden), Aris (Italy), Popay (France), Other/Troy Lovegates (Canada), Ericailcane (Italy), Bastardilla (Colombia) and the Broken Fingaz Crew (Israel). In May, the artists were in Hörde for the first time and got to know the district and „their“ walls. The result will be a gallery for international street art that is always open and whose creation can be followed live. As a sneak peek, the artists Ursula Meyer (Essen), Katja Bot (Paris), JuMu Monster (Berlin) and Giza One (Cologne) have created a mural at Kanzlerstraße 2 next to Luther Church in Hörde.
The walls:
  • Alte Benninghofer Straße 4 -> Aris & Carolina Falkholt
  • Gesamtschule Gartenstadt, Hueckstraße 25/26 -> Mason & Will Gates / Roid
  • Faßstraße 8 -> Popay & Troy Lovegates
  • Stützmauer Faßstraße -> Bastardilla & Ericailcane

Katja Bot (Paris) & JuMu Monster (Berlin) & Giza One (Cologne) & Ursula Meyer (Essen


more pictures -> click

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