MAXIMALINVASIV – LILLY & LACK roll over Take A Butcher’s Gallery

Heike and Axel, the owners of Take A Butcher’s Gallery in Düsseldorf Flingern, Hoffeldstraße 42, dare something. Last Monday they left the orderly, planned paths and simply opened the door to the urban beautification vandals. They have handed over the gallery keys to LILL.Y and LACK, two Düsseldorf based sprayers who have been designing walls in all possible and impossible locations with passion and skills for years. Their job now is to wait in suspense, not knowing what will happen. May all good spirits stand by them!
Oooops – The Gallery as a playground…

I would like to draw your attention to the upcoming show „MAXIMALINVASIV“ at Take A Butcher’s Gallery.

Opens 10 June 7:30 pm with the infamous strawberry punch on the house and as usual with the soundtrack of DJ KillaCalles

LILL.Y (GHMS 20219)

Take a Butchers Gallery group show “One Word“ LACK (2020)

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