No one loves Party Poopers

Just recently I have learned that there is a technical term for what I’m doing: I am a street art spotter and as such not really part of the graffiti scene, but somehow still. I only observe and document the actual state that prevails at the moment of my arrival. I don’t see myself as a curator; I don’t choose what I show and I don’t try to evaluate. But I don’t hide my preferences either.
Normally there are rules, also in graffiti. Rules of the game are there to ensure that things are reasonably fair. Normally. What do you do when someone doesn’t play by the rules? In a civilised world, you sort it out in private. But if you don’t know who the player is?

My last visit at HoF Alte Kaserne wasn’t long ago, but when I heared about the birthday bash for OREO, I decided to go again. @mr.bakeroner @pout_spencer @frau.poeks @kann.nyx @miami_weis @ace_ewkone @jason_0ne_ @haus_aka_eledis @otrwatch were the party guests and especially the elaborate Gollum, designed by JASON, I had a crush on. My disappointment is hard to describe, unfortunately I was too late. The characters were all destroyed brutally. Shame on you!



I don’t think I have to say that I feel for the crossed artists!

more pictures -> click

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