RUbug 2022 – The Awakening of old Westerholt colliery

In 2008 Colliery Westerholt, the last producing mine in the city of Gelsenkirchen, was closed down and the site fell into a deep sleep. Now, 24 years later, RUbug with the help of a pack of national and international artists has set out to wake The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods up again. REAMS has eternalised his interpretation at a wall. On closer look you’ll find a number of set pieces typical for mining like a pit horse or Canary birds, miners little helpers to detect pit gas. The main role, however, is played by the site, the buildings and not least the miners who worked there until the end. When visitors enter, they stand eye to eye with the miner. Eyes – wall flowing. Those eyes know about hard work. They are the door keepers for everything that comes next.


Paste up – Mannstein Vill

„Shift in the shaft“ PLAN B

Chiara DahlemDenis KlattHNRX x KJ263 x KARTEL

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