One Thing is for sure – The Change

When I started to take pictures of HoF Villa RÜ, my point of interest was the painted wall. The façade of the building was almost untouched by the writters and so it’s a problem to find a proper picture to document the condition of the façade at that time. It was – and still is – not allowed to be painted and most of the writers complied with this prohibition. Then, in May 2020, some recycling containers have been established. Those containers were the perfect ladder and the go-signal for the writers to occupy more space. The containers immediately were designed from boring grey to dazzling colourful, but the containers are not the problem. Of course it was a question of time only to meet the façade painted more and more.

Façade of Villa RÜ (12/2015) & (01/2022)

Façade of Villa RÜ (12/2014) & (05/2021)

Recycling containers from 05/2020 – 05/2022

(05/2020) & (08/2020)

(08/2020) & (01/2021)


(08/2021) & (10/2021)

(10/2021) & (02/2022)



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