Turbo Urban – The Spacial Miracle goes to a new round

Do you know the meaning of „Salon hanging“ or „Petersburg hanging“? It has got its name from the opulently covered walls of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and means the practice of hanging artworks close together and filling the entire wall. Soon you will be able to see this kind of presenting artworks in Düsseldorf near Worringer Platz, where Turbo Urban opens its doors from 10 June to 11 July 2022 at Hotel Friends.

This exhibition usually gives an impressive overview how lively and diverse Germany’s street art scene is. And by the way, there is space for graffiti too! Please find their line-up in the pirated flyer opposite. Everyone who visits this remarkable exhibition, should not forget to buckle up and turn on the turbo.

Don’t miss it!

Vernissage 10.6.2022 7pm
Penelope RBC & Killa Calles

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