Happy Anniversery Hafendampf

When X-mas, Easter, Whitsun and all the other public holidays fall on one day, then it’s the second weekend of April 2022 and Hafendampf reaches it’s teen age. A 10th birthday is special. Anyone who has a teenager in the household knows what I’m talking about. Caution! Teenager – can do anything – knows everything – irritable and above all – unpredictable!

The organisers have not yet revealed much, except for the date which is 9 – 10 April and the location, which is not the harbour this year. It starts at 11am on Bottroper Strasse in Essen. For more information check -> here

I don’t know exactly what’s coming up, but it’s a 10th birthday; I’m pretty sure that this is going to be big. May all good spirits help us!

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