One Thing is for sure – The Change

My last visit at Adler59 was a very long time ago (#FUCKCORONA) and it was overdue to have a look. Of course, I have found a lot of new stuff, but the most important first: Adler59 shares it’s backyard with Falkenstraße 6. Both doorways are designed (only of the best). And while the doorway at Adlerstrasse 59 is being redesigned again and again, the appearance at Falkenstrasse 6 has not changed in recent years; it was designed by the FÖNS, while the façade was designed by THE CERTAINS..

I loved them, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the Caterpillar Absolem, interpreted and placed by the FÖNS in the doorway of Falkenstraße 6. Now they are history and gone; still existing and alive in my photos. Façade and doorway now have got a new coating by ROOKIE THE WEIRD. Set pieces from Star Wars are on display. The scene at Mos Eisley Cantina and Figrin D’an, the Bith musician, playing his Kloo Horn for a number of weird aliens, that’s the Hit!

THE CERTAINS (04/2016) & THE FÖNS (02/2016)

Falkenstraße 6; ROOKIE THE WEIRD (03/2022)

more pictures -> click

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