Mercy – the Russians are coming

This is a sad day. It’s 30 years ago since the Berlin Wall has fallen and the Cold War has come to an end. I never thought that I would have to face war again on European soil within my lifetime. But – sad but true – Russia made truth on its months-long threats and attacked Ukraine militarily early on Thursday morning. Thus the post-war order has collapsed. Thursday morning marks a turning point in time. And to whom does the world owe this?

Let’s see what the united graffiti and street art scene has to say about it. Political graffiti and street art is rare to find. But I have met Putin more often before. In Essen as well as in Duisburg, Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf. All the pieces reflect the same: the artists have massive problems with Putin, who is known for his self-promotion. He likes to pose riding bare-chested through the taiga, a Kalashnikov in the grip. He is depicted as the bat „Bloodymir Putin“ or as „Putin Bitch“ with fishnet tights and stiletto boots or as „Fun Loving Criminal“ in a row with Erdogan, Trump and Kim Jong-un.

Well – for me that means that I’m not alone on a wide open field.

Paste-Up Festival Deutsche Oper Berlin 2018; SUBDUDE

CUTS AND PIECES (Straßengold 2017) & Dominykas Čečkauskas x Mindaugas Bonanu (Vilnius 2017)

DUMP (Düsseldorf 2017) & (Straßengold 2017) & (Düsseldorf 2017)

MTS (Hamburg 2016) & (Berlin 2018)

SAM SMERNICKI (MY Berlin friend, 2019) & MTS (Hamburg 2016)

ERASE (Essen 2018) & PILZ (Duisburg 2020)

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