Notes from the streets of Amman

Until yesterday, I did not have much reason to deal with Jordan and Amman. My image of Jordan was shaped by the headlines due to the refugee crisis (Jordan is home to some of the largest refugee camps in the world), or by the usual places of tourist interest (the Roman ruins, Wadi Rum and Petra you know). Then a friend, who knows about my mania for street art, showed me a number of pictures shot by a friend currently living in Amman. These images drew the focus to the city. Who would have thought that the capital of Jordan is a capital of street art too?!

In the meantime I have done some research and found out that there is a vibrant Hip-Hop and street art scene in Amman that has been developing among the country’s youth for the last 20 years. The modern town with beige, uniform houses staggered upon a hilly landscape, doesn’t have much space for the youth, but youth really needs something, and hip-hop or street art became one of the ways. In 2013 a collective of local emerging artists and musicians residing in the area implemented the first project. It became an annual festival that brings together artists, art groups, and community organizations, empowering citizenship through different forms of street art, primarily murals. [1]

HOMBRE SUK „BALIM“- Baladk Festival 2018

Pablo Fontangier aka HOMBRE SUK „BALIM“, Amman, Jordanien 2018
The pictures in this posts are shown by courtesy of a friend currently living in Amman, who has discovered his temporary hometown through its street art and graffiti culture by Underground Amman, which is a tip-based walking tour of the graffiti art, found all over the ancient city.

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