Varieties – Donald & his Family

You might have guessed it. It’s not the Trump family I would like to talk about. Let’s have a look at another family of slobs – the Ducks. Donald Duck is notorious for his fits of rage and Daisy, his permanent fiancée, hates that, but is in no way inferior to him. She is a typical girl and much prettier than all other Ducks, which she is very aware of. Dagobert – well – everyone knows, he is more a Trump; he likes counting money, And the nephews? They only have foolishness in mind! Please find below what I have found about the inner family in my treasure box.


XXXHIBITION (Cologne 2017) & DAC crew (Düsseldorf 2015) & PEMS (Dortmund 2021) & unknown artist (Dortmund 2019) & KIKS (Essen 2020)


JA!DA! (Berlin 2018) & XXXHIBITION (Cologne 2017) & ASET x BEKS (Duisburg 2019)

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