Varieties – Cops

Lets go on with my mini series „Varieties“. It will help me getting through the period of my voluntary retirement from public life. I hopefully won’t run out of ideas until there is more reliable information about Omicron, the new Corona mutation (#FUCKCORONA):

I started with the virus itself and ended with the plague and the rats that go with it. Now the law enforcers come into play. Street art and graffiti scene is really not well disposed towards the police and vice versa either. ACAB – four letters, one swear word. Graffiti sprayers and painters make their dislike of the establishment clear according to a tried and tested pattern.

unknown artist

RATS Crew (Kiefernstraße 2015)

HIOS ABM (Essen 2015) & FTC (Essen 2020) & HAPPYPILL (Gladbeck 2018)

TERAONE x JAYB (Düsseldorf 2015) & Shephard Fairey (Berlin 2019) & PXRN (München 2016)

Otto Schade (Berlin 2015) & L.E.T (Düsseldorf 2018) & BRNFRT (Berlin 2018)

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