Let’s talk about Goch Baby – Never forget…Never again

LACUNA – Looking for an explanation, or better a translation for this strange street name, I found out, that a lacuna is a gap or a missing part. That makes sense – working in the streets, an artist is a lacuna of society.

For GhmS Festival LACUNA painted a number of memorial pieces in remembrance of Leni Valk, who was born as the only child of a Jewish family in Goch. When her father Walter was arrested and deported to the concentration camp Dachau, her mother sent Leni to Leeuwarden in The Netherlands to her uncle and aunt. There she attended school for the first time in 1939. In 1942, Leni and her relatives were arrested and deported to the concentration camp Sobibor, where she was only 9 years old, when she was murdered by the Nazis.

The main mural was painted at Susbrücke 2 in Goch, next to the park, where her father proposed to her mother. As a template served a family photo with her parents, aunt and uncle. Leni is depicted as a lacuna in this mural and stands there as a silhouette only.

All other places, where Leni spent her youth in Goch, received small portraits of her.

LACUNA – Leni Valk – Markt 7 – Herzogenstr. 36 – Voßstraße 40

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