Let’s talk about Goch Baby

That day I met my personal festival guide on my way to a spot called Rampe. He had changed his outfit to a stylish black, with subtle color accents; ready to take me out for dinner later. The spot „Rampe“ was a 200m long section of the mighty retaining wall of Südring, which was painted and glued all over. Unfortunately the first signs of destruction already were visible, but I was lucky enough to shoot the most of the artworks untouched. Of course I have seen much more of the aerea around Südring and show some of my favorites of my 3rd festival day here. Of course I can’t show them all; I love the most of them!


An der Rampe – JPRWNDPUMMELFEE – JALBSUPERFATCAT and many others

Weseler Straße – Benjamin Vannahme & RAL9000

Dammstraße – TUBUKU & SPEAR

more pictures -> click

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