„Münchhausen Murals“ by Felix Gephart & BIRNE

Shooting pictures in exhibitions is not easy, not only because of the difficult lighting conditions. This time I have decided to change recording modus to black/white, because of the yellow light shade of the spots used to illuminate the exhibited pictures.

The murals, designed by Felix Gephart and Dominik Hebestreit aka BIRNE in the course of the years since 2008 as part of the work cycle „Münchhausen“, have given new life to the tales of the Liar Baron. In the age of alternative facts and fake news, one does well to deal with lies. Unfortunately only a few murals of the cycle have survived the years; graffiti pieces usually have a short life span. What remains are photos, images and details of those terrific works, which are displayed actually until October 30 in a small but fine exhibition, shown at Städtische Galerie im Bürgerhaus, Mittelstraße 40, Hilden.

More pictures -> click

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