The gong sounds to the next round for 40° Urban Art Festival

When I posted about the birthday party for Kiefernstraße two days ago, it had escaped my attention that this celebration is also simultaneously the next 40° Urban Art Festival in Düsseldorf. If I have counted correctly, this is the 5th festival in a row since 2013, when it started with the first edition. Since then it has changed Düsseldorf, its place of origin, permanently. I promise – This will be a burner, for Kiefernstraße is an ideal background and crime scene for this event. The residents, the fans and oganizers of 40° know how to party.

You’ll find all infos due to 40 Grad Urban Art e.V. and their festival on Instagram, Facebook and their homepage!

Trailer 40° Urban Art Festival x Kiefern

40° Urban Art Festival – Dokumentation 2019

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