Street Art Cities has launched Essen at their App

Travelers in matters of street art know about wasting time and energy to find an easy way to street art in a foreign town. Guided street art tours can be a good solution, but it depends of the person guiding you and the expertise. The pitty is, you can choose a flop and get a lot of blah blah for your money. Why not try it youself with a little help of an app?

In December 2017 by accident I stumbled across a community of people, founded April 2017. The community Streetartcities is dedicated to creating the perfect platform, to discover all murals worldwide. They are building the most advanced, easy to use and comprehensive street art collection in every city on the planet; and the best is: they share their platform to all the street art maniacs to document art in every city. I decided to be a part of this movement and began to document Essen’s murals. My map of Essen has grown fast with the help of all artists, working for more art in public space in Essen and now finally Essen has made it. We are now part of the app and can start walking Essen ourselves.


If you discover mistakes or miss a piece of art on the map, don’t hesitate and contact me. I’m on the hunt to complete the map.

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  1. Excellent collega:)! You’re doing a good job. Greetz Stef (StreetArtCities hunter for my hometown Oostende,Belgium… and currently updating/adding many towns in Portugal).

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