GhmS Festival goes to the second round

I would like to draw your attention to Goch, which is a small town in the district of Kleve, in North Rhine-Westphalia, not known as a stronghold of street art up to last year. Then Benjamin Taag came up with the idea of a street art festival of a special kind. Supported by the local heritage society, this year again he organizes a modern treasure hunt criss cross Goch. It runs from 15.8. – 12.9.2021 and is made to give an attractive outdoor activity for young and old in times of Corona (#FUCKCORONA).

Last year it was a baby, but it’s almost terrifying how quickly it grew up. And now, at the age of 2, it’s nearly a monster. With a respectable line up and a remarkable number of street art spots spread all over the town. Its worth more than one visit only. Better to set up a tent and stay over night.

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