Thank heavens – They were there!

I must confess, I’m almost ashamed to admit, that yesterday the lack of public lavatories caused a serious case of emergency. No loos in local transport, that’s not new; I firmly counted on „Sanifer“ in Dortmund’s main station, but sorry for any inconveniences. My last hope – Dortmunder U – shut due to Corona restrictions! Thank heaven, there was light behind the windows of 44309 STREET//ART GALLERY and – too good to be true – after hammering the door it was opened and of course, my misery came to a lucky end – last minute.

Now – what shall I say, their restrooms are next to the showroom, which is occupied by a large-scaled room filling installation created by Tomislav Topic at present. I couldn’t resist; I love installations and of course I had my camera and did what I always do – in record time. And that is really a shame. This installation is made from strips of fiberglass fabrics of different length, colored in gradients. The texture of the fabrics in combination with shadow and light brings this structure to life. For me it felt like a living being. I would have loved to lie down on the floor to look at it from this perspective. But unfortunately I was there without permission. So QUINTESSENCE: Blessed are those who have good fortune to find a friend with a helping hand and a lavatory to prevent the worst!

Let’s hope that the Corona requirements will soon be relaxed and the public will get the chance to see the exhibition before it is finished at the end of May.

more pictures -> click

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