HOMELAND – HEIMAT – Community Foundation Duisburg

I would like to draw your attention to a project of Community Foundation Duisburg, who plan to colour 60 pillars of motorway A59 next to Duisburg’s Inner Harbour in the near future. In a survey they have collected thoughts and feelings due to the concept of homeland. Artists will be allowed to transport those concepts to the walls. As a start and a little finger exercise, the facade of a warehouse at Essenberger Straße will be painted from head to toe by various artists soon. For more check -> HEIMAT

Essenberger Straße – unknown artist & PORN & DEMO

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  1. […] visit at the old warehouse at Essenberger Straße, where project „Heimat“ of Community Foundation Duisburg is situated, is about 4 weeks ago. Meanwhile the building […]


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