Supporting Structure Colour – Olli Rose

Helbingbrücke, a space-off area next to Essen’s railway station, currently gets a face lift. The seventh column of 20 in total was finished last week by Olli Rose, member of art collective SIGNS AND WONDERS. „Leviathan“ is the title of that mural.

Oh – my – god – how I hate taking pictures of curved surfaces. It’s a nightmare, and I knew it before; this will not be easy. At all times when trying to describe one of Olli Rose’s works, I get in trouble and begin wallowing in historical references. What the hell is the meaning of a Leviathan, in particular in the context of the pandemic!? Because that is what this is about; the pandemic drives us all. The Leviathan, which is a mythological creature, may symbolize devil, chaos and disorder and the might of an omnipotent state. Flaking skin and hypnotic all seeing eyes behind needle sharp teeth. Leviathan is watching us all.

The backside depicts the universe behind with a DNA strand, which gives the solution. Vaccination finally will close the bag


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