#HOPE – Better times are coming

The first time I noticed that new gap at Huyssenallee / Baedekerstraße, where RWE administration high-rises had been knocked down, was in July 2017. What a wonderful eyecatcher wall – that was my first thought. Nothing happened ever since. Now Kölbl Kruse, owners and building project developers have discovered the potential of that spot and decided to use it to transport their message „BETTER TIMES ARE COMING“ on a 12,5 x 10 metre-high advertising banner.

For this project they brought Dennis Klapschus aka DEKLART on board, who is known for his affinity for Pop-Art and comics. Just recently the artist has returned to Essen, where he was brought up. His new studio is located in Essen Rüttenscheid.

The huge banner, which is temporarily shown at Huyssenallee 20, shows against a comic backdrop, Minnie Mouse holding an apparently passed out Mickey Mouse. A syringe from off-stage has a special vaccine: HOPE

Everyone needs a spark of HOPE in these days!

More pictures -> click

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