HoF Auf der Donau in February

February really is not what I would call my favorite time of the year. You can feel spring is in the air, but in my region winter very often comes back with snow and ice in February and it seems that the dark season will never end. So this year too. Due to heavy weather with ice rain and a blizzard out of the blue in Northrhine Westfalia chaos broke out and public transport was reduced to zero. In Essen no buses or trams for a week. And as if Corona wasn’t enough already (#FUCKCORONA), now I was completely locked up at home. Maximum penalty! My first walk after this chaos brought me to Hall of Fame Auf der Donau and a new „Clever & Smart“ concept wall designed by a number of well known suspects from all quarters.

Anna Littsa aka FOXY



CLIF x Anna Littsa aka FOXY x ?

SIR x CESA7 x CLIF x Anna Littsa aka FOXY

CESA7 x BLUTIG x Anna Littsa aka FOXY x MR.PILZ


more pictures -> click

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