Gustav Heinemann Brücke in the course of the years

Werden Bridge is the last in a long row of bridge constructions, connecting Werden and Essen since 1065, when a bridge in Werden was first mentioned in a document. Today’s structure was opened 1968 and since 1982 it bears the name of the 3rd German Federal President, Gustav Heinemann. Looking at old photos, this was always a graffiti covered spot, but never a legal wall. Nevertheless it is covered with graffiti art at both sides of the river Ruhr. One side drops steeply to the river, which is the reason why this side doesn’t change that often. The other side is well accessible by a foot and bike path and is designed frequently by various occasions.

The wall facing Werden didn’t change its face that much since my first visit 2014. That spot below the bridge is steep and has no access by a footpath. I don’t know if my suggestion is right, but I suppose EIER crew to be the originators of those paintings. For me all those various characters represent the tolerant and colourful side of Essen. And I’m glad to find them virtually untouched since all those years.

At the opposite side of the bridge the wall is redisigned more often. In the course of the years I have met a number of illustrious figures there. You never can be sure whom to meet there. Everything is possible between Donald Duck, the Lion Twins or Santa.

„Wege Zum Wasser“ DEMON (10/2014)

artist unknown & PAYIT (10/2014)

DEMON (08/2016)

BIRNE (08/2016)


SHIK & DEBIL (11/2019)

TONEY and others (01/2021)

SHIK (01/2021)

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